Scheduled Retreats

Detox with ancient indian wisdom and individualised wellness therapies for your specific body type.

Holistic experiences to cleanse, unblock, balance and rejuvenate your whole being

Immerse yourself in ancient indian wellness therapies in serene and healing settings in Kerala, Tamil Nadu or the himalayan foothills with Sonali as your guide at all times.

Ayurvedic treatments |  immersive yoga sessions  | relaxing pranayama

Join her at authentic ayurvedic wellness centres for transformational experiences.

Treated by highly experienced and devoted therapists who work expertly and tirelessly on your specific ailments.

Experience ayurveda, yoga and breathwork in small groups of up to 8 participants in serene settings.

What is ayurveda?

India’s ancient science is, at a conservative estimate, around five thousand years old. Ayur means herbs and Veda means science. Ayurvedic herbal tinctures and oils are made from the roots, leaves, sap and even bark of trees, from shrubs and weeds, from spices and their extracts. The treatments are generally four handed massages working on both sides of the body to balance, rejuvenate and detoxify you.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient indian therapeutic Practice of uniting the mind, body and soul. The postures organically allow the Prana or life force to flow rhythmically in the body.
Sonali’s yoga is rooted in ancient Indian practices and philosophy. She helps you to release trauma stuck in the body and mind, so you can feel good energy, positive vibrations and sheer joy.

What is relaxing pranayama?

Relaxing pranayama refers to the Practice of breathing exercises to expel toxins from the body, purify the nerves, activate the lungs, heat and cool the body in order to detoxify, strengthen and balance the body. Pranayama is a vital part of the Yoga Practices. Sonali’s approach to relaxing pranayama is grounded in ancient Indian practice.

“This was an extraordinary opportunity to step back, decompress, reassess and reset my priorities, beliefs and behaviour in a nurturing and supportive environment. If you are receptive to all that is on offer, I don’t believe it is possible to return home unchanged.”

JON, B –

Upcoming Retreats

Immerse yourself in the world of holistic well-being as you explore the diverse experiences designed to heal, align and rejuvenate you. 

“A yoga retreat in Kerala rejuvenates the body and sharpens the mind, finds Nicholas Shakespeare ”

Sonali’s network and experience in India make her the ideal organiser 
of bespoke cultural tours.

Personalised Retreats

Do the dates of our retreats not work for you? Do you want to organise a private and personalised retreat? Sonali will be happy to discuss and create a proposal that suits your needs.

Scheduled Retreat FAQs

What's included in the retreat?

Our wellness retreat packages are all-inclusive. In fact some guests spend nothing extra during their stay. You will enjoy full board accommodation, including specialised meals tailored to your needs. The retreat also includes twice daily Ayurvedic treatments, immersive yoga sessions each morning, relaxing pranayama each evening, regular medical check ins, airport transfers and a comfortable hotel stay on the first night of your arrival. We aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic experience to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

What is the duration of the wellness retreat?

The duration of our wellness retreats is flexible and depends on your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a short, revitalising experience or a deeper, transformative journey, our retreats can be tailored to your preferences. Typically, our retreats range from 10 days to a month, but we can adjust the length to best suit your requirements.

How many people attend one retreat?

Each organised retreat hosts a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring personalised, intimate experiences. Small group sizes allow Sonali to
focus on individual needs, fostering a sense of community and deeper exploration of yoga, Ayurveda, and Indian culture. The groups are international as participants come from all over the world like France, Italy, USA, Australia, India, Middle East, Germany and England. Your own personalised group retreat can be of any size. 

What is a typical retreat day?

Commence your day with the sunrise, embracing morning meditation and traditional yoga sessions. Your personalised meal plan, guided by our doctors, may involve a lighter approach to nourishment using a rich variety of fresh, local produce. Enjoy rejuvenating herbal massages and peaceful downtime in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Meals punctuate your day, concluding with evening meditation (pranayama) and early sleep. Each day is a harmonious blend of self-discovery and revitalisation.focus on individual needs, fostering a sense of community and deeper exploration of yoga, Ayurveda, and Indian culture. The groups are international as participants come from all over the world like France, Italy, USA, Australia, India, Middle East, Germany and England. Your own personalised group retreat can be of any size. 

Is there a specific age range for participants?

At Sonali’s India, we welcome individuals of all ages to join our retreats. We believe that wellness and self-discovery are timeless pursuits. Our retreats are designed to cater to the needs of participants of all ages and levels of fitness. Our goal is to create a diverse, gentle and inclusive environment where everyone can benefit from what can be offered.
Sonali works with and runs retreats for everyone and anyone aged 18 to 80 years.

Scheduled retreats testimonials

“This experience was unlike anything I had ever done before; it’s beauty has touched my mind, body and soul. The most important element was the role Sonali played. She embodied the gentleness, joy and magic that slowly worked its way into my system during the week. Every detail of the trip was carefully planned with wellness in mind: the resort, the food, the choice of treatments and the outings. The yoga was the highlight of my day. Sonali is a dedicated and inspiring teacher.”

Barbara, M.