The Authentic Indian Wellness

Sonali’s retreats to India aim to transform, revitalise and deeply relax you through individually customised programmes of yoga, meditation and twice daily Ayurvedic treatments.

Sonali’s Indian Wellness offers

Scheduled Retreats

Retreats led by Sonali focussing on detoxifying and cleansing your body and mind to reenergise, reset and rebalance you.

Personalised Retreats

Retreats tailor made to your specific health and wellbeing requirements customised to your available dates.

Bespoke Tour

Cultural tours organised to suit your individual requirements and tailor made itineraries created to offer you unique experiences.


Discover Authentic Indian Wellness with Sonali’s Bespoke Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats 

Born in the Himalayan foothills, she follows her family’s deep spiritual traditions, including her great uncle Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of personal spiritual enlightenment.

Sonali’s training includes Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga with Indian masters and collaborations with UK instructors. She enriches her teaching with Marma Therapy.

Sonali teaches Yoga on a one to one basis in London and Oxford, and to groups on her retreats. She also offers massage treatments combining thai yoga massage and ayurvedic massage techniques. She works out of her studios in london and Oxford.

With a family history rooted in travel, Sonali tailors unique retreats for individuals, blending physical, spiritual and cultural experiences.

These retreats encourage mindfulness and serenity in peaceful places with rich healing traditions. Guests attend with a wide variety of objectives, including rejuvenation, resetting life goals, weight loss, fertility, mental health recovery, overcoming addictions, physical injuries/pain, menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalances, trauma and insomnia. A list of personal testimonials is available.

“Sonali is very aligned to the needs of her client at the moment. She is a very empathic group leader. When you are in pain, she works magic. She brought (me) out feeling balanced and cleansed.”

Iain, M –


Upcoming Retreats


A bridge to authentic indian cultural experiences.

Sonali’s network and experience in India make her the ideal organiser 
of bespoke cultural tours.


Discover how Yoga and Ayurveda are transformational

“This experience was unlike anything I had ever done before; it’s beauty has touched my mind, body and soul. The most important element was the role Sonali played. She embodied the gentleness, joy and magic that slowly worked its way into my system during the week. Every detail of the trip was carefully planned with wellness in mind: the resort, the food, the choice of treatments and the outings. The yoga was the highlight of my day. Sonali is a dedicated and inspiring teacher.”

Barbara, M.

“These amazing retreats do for me what European spas promise, but rarely deliver. I come back feeling reenergised, relaxed, cleansed and with a strongly improved set of attitudes to myself and my life.”

Michael, M.

“The physical aspect of the practice offered me improved fitness, strength and awareness of body posture. I find that the physical effort releases the stresses of everyday life and clears the mind. The relaxation and breathing techniques, which go along with Yoga practice, have a deep and lasting beneficial effect. The guidance of my Teacher has been a decisive factor in this experience being so positive. Always encouraging and supportive, she provided inspiration at the start and perseverance as well as confidence thereafter.”

Tim, R.