Personalised Retreats

Tailored Retreats, Expertly Orchestrated.

Tailor-made Retreats. Expertly Orchestrated

Sonali organises retreats tailor-made for you or your group in India. Benefit from her expertise in crafting a seamless journey that includes accommodation, wellness, and cultural experiences, even if she can’t be there in person.

Customised schedule and location.

Ideal for team buildings, private events or simply one to one.

Perfect for family or friends looking for a shared experience of wellbeing

Popular for those needing urgent treatment or intervention.

Personalised Retreats testimonials

“Sonali tailor made a retreat for us with her team at Coconut Lagoon. I have returned feeling more grounded, lighter in spirit and convinced that a subtle yet profound transformation has occurred.
The combination of daily yoga, breath work and meditation alongside deep Ayurvedic body treatments was very powerful. I felt well cared for by the incredible Ayurvedic doctors, practitioners and therapists. It wasn’t always comfortable;  many painful memories surfaced, but I understood this as an opportunity to work through the past and create something new in my life.”

Corinne, S.

“I was on the point of burn out and I knew something had to change. I spoke with Sonali, and she organised a 14 night ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, with 2 hours of yoga a day. It has changed my life. While the first handful of days of treatments and yoga were tough, as any major adjustment period is, very shortly my mind and my body completely calmed down. I feel lighter, more present and completely refreshed. I have never experienced anything like it. Yoga will now be a big part of my life, along with a much more disciplined approach to using my phone. I would highly recommend to anyone feel overly stressed or burnt out. “

Ben, L.

“Sonali organised a bespoke Ayurvedic retreat for me in Coconut Lagoon. After the two week retreat she planned an amazing day in Kochi on my return home. Shiraz is probably not like other guides. He is respectful, intelligent and laid back – studied English literature – and not determined to accomplish a checklist of sights in too little time. Instead he went to get bananas for me to feed the elephant he had kindly tracked down! And he took me to see the sculptural pulley system fishing nets devised when the Chinese were here – I helped to pull in the net with a team of men. Thank you so much Sonali!!”

Sarah, B.

Personalised Retreats FAQs

What types of activities can I include in my Personalized Retreat?

During a detox it is not advisable to leave the resort. However, a cultural tour, restful days on a boat, water sports or hikes can be arranged before or after your Retreat in Kerala, Rajasthan or the Himalayas.
You can include the traditional keralan martial art, kalaripayattu, classes to enhance your retreat in Kerala. On the Himalayan retreats, there are various extra activities on offer like past life regression therapy, physiotherapy and even golf.

How long does a Personalized Retreat typically last?

A detox or deep cleanse lasts from 14 nights to 21 nights, whereas a rejuvenation retreat can be for 7 nights only.

Are Personalized Retreats suitable for individuals or groups?

The Retreats are completely tailor made to suit an individual or a group depending upon their health objectives. 
Sonali works with and runs retreats for people aged 18 to 80.

How is the cost determined for a Personalized Retreat?

The cost depends upon the season and the type of retreat depending upon your health condition.

How do I get started with planning my Personalized Retreat?

We treat most health conditions like insomnia, depression, physical injury, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, menopause, gut issues, addiction and obesity. Depending upon your needs, Sonali can plan a retreat for you. Please contact Sonali on her website or by email. If urgent, a Retreat can be planned for you within a week.